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Wild duck hunting is one of the most popular types of fowl hunting in the world and today it is more popular than ever before, possibly because of the remarkable technological items that altogether make hunting much more pleasant and productive. Calling is essential in duck hunting, and this is what differentiates this sport from other similar practices. Also a crucial aspect is that of finding and choosing the place from where to make the actual calling. If we add the pre-hunt preparations and field planning we get a hunting variety that is as complex as it can possibly get.

As it is the case with most types of hunting, in wild duck hunting weather plays a very important role, especially in influencing the migration routes of traveling ducks, but also in the conditions you find on the field once you get there. For instance, excessive rain will make the soil muddy and every move you make will be noisier and you will lack the comfort needed to stay focused on the hunt at all times.
On the whole, wild duck hunting is a special kind of waterfowl hunting, in which calling and weather conditions (the way you manage to adapt to them and make the best of any situation) play crucial parts. Given its remarkable complexity it comes to no surprise that so many hunters choose duck hunting every year, instead of other hunting varieties out there.
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