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Duck Hunting Apparel

As you all know, duck hunting is a cold-weather activity. As a consequence, insulated and camouflage clothing is a must otherwise you won't feel comfortable and your hunting efficiency won’t be as high as expected. A warm jacket that is waterproof and suitable in weight for the temperatures in which you will be conducting your hunts is in order.

The jacket's size should allow you to move around without any discomforts. The jacket's color (and not only the jacket's) should be dull earth-tones like brown or olive drab. Choosing a camouflage pattern is a wise thing to do as it will make you less visible to the ducks. All the hunting equipment must be lightweight in order to allow the hunter to move around easily.

Waders are becoming more and more popular among hunting enthusiasts so if you have a few dollars to spare, purchasing reliable waders is a great idea. Good waders don't leak and are made from regular rubber - the newly introduced models are made of neoprene, thus making them more flexible and keeping the hunter warmer.

Choosing the most suitable clothing for the avid duck hunter can be a difficult matter but with little research this issue should be resolved. The hunter needs a warm thermal body suit along with comfortable jeans and a cotton shirt or a thick flannel, don't forget about a sturdy pair of boots. You might also consider purchasing a hat that gives you the possibility to see the ducks even in the brightest sunlight. The hat should also be camouflaged in order to reduce the chances of being spotted. .

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