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Duck Hunting Techniques

When you go hunting, there are many things you have to take into consideration, such as shooting, clothing and techniques. As the waterfowl hunting season is generally during autumn and winter, clothing and layers are very important and can make the difference between happiness and hypothermia.

However, the overall gear is of great importance. When hunting for ducks, it’s essential to learn how to use the decoys, the blinds and how to take advantage of your on water position. The boat is not as solid as the ground and a wrong mistake can scare all the ducks away. Another thing you should have in mind is what gun to choose, as it has to be the least louder. Ducks get scared easily, so aim correctly and try to have only one successful shot.

When hunters observe the ducks, he or she begins to call them. Once they are within range, the hunter must raise from the blinds and quickly shoot the birds before they fly away. The use of the blinds is very helpful, as their purpose is to conceal the hunters from the ducks, which have sharp eyes and can see colors.

Duck hunters also use dogs to help them during a hunting day. Probably the most popular and the most recommended breed is the retriever. They are friendly dogs that are taught to have “soft mouths“, that is, they can retrieve the prey without biting it. Most of them love water and are very efficient and hard working dogs.

Another very important part of the hunting day belongs to the calls. A good hunter has to know the difference between two calls in order to use them when the situation is required. Basically, the calls create the bond between the hunter and the birds and convert them into prey.

All in all, every hunter has his or her own method, but it’s very important to keep an eye on everything. The more attention you pay to all these details, the more efficient and successful your hunting day will be. These techniques are meant to be an addition to your already existent methods.

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