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Duck Hunting Waders
First of all, a definition of what waders are is needed. Waders are a style of waterproof gear that is designed to allow hunters to stand in deep water without getting wet. There are two styles of waders: hip waders and chest waders. The hip waders are boots that are held up at the top with straps that are attach to a belt. These waders are made from waterproof material that is very strong but flexible at the same time. The main disadvantage the hip waders have is that if water gets in through the top of them it can be uncomfortable. At least, that is why many hunters prefer wearing chest waders.

Duck waders aren't designed to be worn right next to the skin. Usually the hunter has an insulating layer that is provided by the pants between the waders and the skin. When purchasing a pair of waders, you should try them along with the gear that you will have with you. The buyer should feel comfortable and have the ability to move freely. There are many color patterns from which one can choose, depending on the vegetation of the place where he will be hunting.

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