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How To Clean A Duck

When thinking about cleaning a duck, you must have in mind that you should do everything in your position to make it as tasty as possible.

So, firstly you have to age the duck for 1-2 days and then decide to skin or pluck it. This process depends on the bird. There are various ways to pluck birds, also depending on the type of bird. For example, diver ducks are harder to pluck than puddle ducks.

The first steps have to be removing the feet and the wings. What you have to do is cut off the wings as close to the wing joint as possible. Starting near the top of the breast, begin plucking the feathers off the breast only. Pull the feathers off.

Then, pinch the skin and cut the it perpendicular to the breast bone. Pull the skin away from the meat, by keeping your fingers underneath the skin.

After skinning the legs, you have to remove them, as they are not necessary. The same thing can be applied to the breastplate. Remember to always save the heart.

Then, gutting is easy. It is very important to gently remove all the insides and the internal organs. Pull the heart out and trim the top off, above the ring of white fat. As far as the liver is concerned, you have to remove the bile duct, as its fluid is bitter and if it breaks, it can ruin the liver.

The final steps consist of rinsing the duck and putting it in the fridge.

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