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How To Train Your Dog

Despite the fact that duck hunting may require a lot of attention and concentration from the hunter, when you have a dog by your side that is always willing to help you, it may become a bit easier. The man’s best friend has useful skills and abilities that make it a very efficient hunter. If you want to learn how to train your dog for duck hunting, here are the steps you should follow.

Your first step should be picking a breed. Make a research among the most popular duck hunting breeds and see which one fits you best. The first thing to look after is that the breed loves the water. Then, you should read about every species and decide on one. Your best option probably is the Labrador Retriever, although there are other retriever breeds that are great for duck hunting. As dogs have an incredible sense of smell, this should be used as an advantage in hunting.

Training your dog for duck hunting firstly should be focused on teaching it the right commands. Once the puppy knows the basics, it is ready for the next level. Another thing you should have in mind is teaching it how to be obedient. Make sure it always listens to you and sees you as superior. You wouldn’t want it to hurt the duck when retrieving it, for example. The puppy will definitely get excited about the water, once it gets used to it, but make it understand that it cannot play all the time.

Another thing you should pay very much attention at is how to introduce your puppy to water, once you decided about the breed. You should make sure that it takes things seriously, and that it doesn’t only want to play with it. Also, a trick that is useful in teaching your dog any command is the reward method. Make it know that if it does well, it will be rewarded. This way, it will be more motivated and it will want to work.

The following steps are about getting your dog used to hunting. It should get used to the scent of waterfowl, and know that this is its prey and it must act accordingly. Now is also a good moment to teach it the difference between the real ducks and the decoys.

Finally, the last thing to do is to get the dog used to real hunting situations. By now, it should already be able to make the difference between a decoy and a real duck. If you are planning on hunting on a boat, take it with you and teach it how to load in and out and retrieve dummies from the boat. The more you reward it during training, the more it will surprise you in the field.

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