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Duck Hunting Calls
There are many different materials utilized in the construction of these products, which are developed specifically to be used as duck hunting calls. Basically, the higher the density of the material is, the louder and sharper the sound will be, therefore things like acrylic, wood and polycarbonate are very popular, and lead to a far more rewarding experience.

From a point of view of expense, the polycarbonate duck calls are the cheapest option and probably the most durable, but will not, as a rule, be hand-tuned. The acrylic versions however, will be more expensive, but skilfully tuned. If purchasing a wooden call, it is advisable to look for a product when has a steel, or brass band attached, as this prevents cracking in the barrel.

The mouth blown duck calls can be long, or short reeded. The longer the reed, the greater the effort put to actually undertake the blowing action. Most of these type of calls are crafted to perform under the harshest of hunting conditions, such as in the wet. There are versions which come with a lanyard, designed for comfort, as they are non-abrasive.

The electronic duck calls are reliant upon authentic recordings of actual ducks. These are usually battery operated and one-handed push button devices, with adjustable volume control. Very often they will be camouflaged in natural bark or such like. The sounds are of a clear pitch, and some will come with a playback facility, to help with the teaching process.

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